Who's paying to attack Lauren Meister?


Who is behind Councilmember John Duran's "Friends of West Hollywood" Super PAC, which is spending tens of thousands of dollars to defeat Lauren Meister?

City-Hall-for-Sale-Cover.jpgAccording to Campaign Finance reports from the West Hollywood City Clerk, it's big developers who have their eyes set on the Manhattanization of West Hollywood.

So far, more than $125,000 has been raised from Real Estate Interests, including Townscape Partners, Mani Brothers, Reseda Plaza Holdings, Excel Property Management and more to fund John Duran's Super PAC.

But what are their plans for West Hollywood?

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MegaMall Planned for West Hollywood


A 1.35 million square foot commercial and residential development is planned for the corner of Santa Monica and San Vicente which will generate traffic and air pollution, while materially affecting the character several of West Hollywood's historic neighborhoods.

For the past two years, Cohen Brothers, the owners of the Pacific Design Center, have been quietly working with the MTA to develop a plan, without consulting their neighbors -- the people of West Hollywood.

According to the City's staff report, the proposed MegaMall will consist of a 250 room hotel, 160,000 square feet of restaurant and retail, 400,000 square feet of office space, 402 residential units, a 100,000 square foot City Hall and Sheriff's station and 230,000 sq. ft. of space for the MTA.  

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Stonewall Young Democrats Back Meister for Council

Stonewall_YD_Meister.jpgStonewall Young Democrats, Los Angeles' leading club for organizing and motivating LGBTQA youth in the Democratic Party, have endorsed Lauren Meister for West Hollywood City Council.

The Club's official Twitter account made the announcement yesterday, stating:

We are proud to announce our support for , a dedicated activist for city council!

"Stonewall Young Democrats are the future.  They represent the future of activism and advocacy for LGBTQA rights and the Democratic Party. And knowing the members of Stonewall Young Democrats, there is hope for our future. Together we will protect those things we love most about West Hollywood," said Lauren Meister. "I'm glad they have put their confidence in me as the next West Hollywood City Councilmember."

Stonewall Young Democrats join other progressive LGBTQA Leaders in endorsing Lauren Meister, including West Hollywood Mayor John D'Amico, former Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, blogger and former West Hollywood LGAB member Lucas John and animal welfare advocate Ed Buck.

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Animal Advocate Ed Buck Agrees: Meister for City Council

For the past week, Lauren Meister's adopted rescue dog, Spike, has been spreading a message to West Hollywood voters: our human lives are made better because of our animal friends, and animal rights matter.

Animal Welfare advocate Ed Buck agrees.  Endorsing Lauren Meister this week, Buck made it clear: "If my dog could vote… it’s Meister."

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Let the Sunshine In


West Hollywood is growing bigger and taller, faster -- something Mayor John D'Amico warned about four years ago.

Bigger and taller buildings add traffic congestion to neighborhoods, cause parking problems, tax our infrastructure and cast shadows on our communities.

We love West Hollywood for its sunshine and its soul, its creativity and its community.

Why would we want to lose that?

As your City Councilmember, I will be a reliable partner for our residents, standing up to developers to let the sunshine in!

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Let's Work Together


Four years ago, I was proud to support John D'Amico in his campaign for West Hollywood City Council.  I was proud to serve him and the people of West Hollywood as his Planning Commissioner.  

Today, I am humbled to accept Mayor John D'Amico's endorsement in my campaign for West Hollywood City Council.

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Bill Rosendahl Endorses Lauren Meister

Bill RosendahlFormer Los Angeles City Councilman and progressive hero Bill Rosendahl has endorsed Lauren Meister for West Hollywood City Council, joining numerous other local elected officials.

"West Hollywood can be confident that Lauren Meister's love for the City and her hope for the future would make her a great City Councilmember," said Rosendahl.

Rosendahl joins Beverly Hills Councilman John Mirisch, Costa Mesa City Councilwoman Sandra Genis and West Basin Municipal Water District Board Member Scott Houston on a growing roster of those backing Lauren Meister's bid for West Hollywood City Council.

Lauren Meister added, "I am proud to have the support of Bill Rosendahl.  He knows the job of being a City Councilmember and is a leader in the progressive community.  His trust and belief in me is humbling and as City Councilmember, I hope to live up to the high bar he set."

You, too, can endorse Lauren Meister and see who else is endorsing!

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Preserving Plummer Park

I believe the City should preserve Plummer Park and I thank the founders of Protect Plummer Park -- Cathy Blaivas and Stephanie Harker -- for their perseverance in protecting the park.

What they advocated for was putting the brakes on plans to scrape the park, demolish historic Great Hall/Long Hall, and destroy 56 old-growth and heritage trees.  I'm proud to have worked with Cathy and Stephanie on this effort as they organized the community to find its voice on this issue. 

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The Problem with Parking

One of the top issues that frustrates people in West Hollywood is PARKING.  As Councilman, Jeff Prang made it a top priority, and admitted that whatever the City did, the problem never seemed to go away.

Parking issues are myriad--from availability in residential neighborhoods and commercial districts, to confusing regulations and overzealous enforcement.  But the bottom line is that West Hollywood will never solve its parking problems as long as the City relies on parking as a revenue stream.

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A Home for LGBT Russians

As West Hollywood celebrates its 30th birthday, let’s not forget how and why it all began -- our compassion for those less fortunate, and those needing a safe haven.  A unique and special coalition between renters, LGBT Americans and Soviet emigrants worked together to create our city and continue to be the fabric of our community.

Due to anti-LGBT policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, gay and lesbian Russians are facing violence, harassment and prosecution.  As a result, applications for asylum have increased 34% in the past two years according to the Department of Homeland Security.

While many cities are working to help Russian LGBT asylum seekers, West Hollywood should be on the forefront as a national leader in helping asylum seekers, and be a destination for young gay Russians seeking to escape persecution. 

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