Not a Good Night for Democracy

It looks like censorship is alive and well in West Hollywood. Monday night, my colleagues on the West Hollywood City Council voted to stand in the way of the democratic process.

What went down:

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Not a Good Night for Public Safety

On Monday, June 27, 2022, there were two items on the West Hollywood City Council agenda that were voted on, both of which will impact our neighborhoods: one, the City's public safety budget and two, the City's position on California Senate Bill SB 930 (Extended Hours to Sell Alcohol). 

I need your help! Ever since being elected in 2015, I have strived to be the voice of reason on Council, and to represent you and the best interests of the city. Elections are around the corner -- November 8, 2022. Please donate, if you can, to my campaign.

Here's what went down on Monday...

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Community Resilience

We have faced unprecedented challenges these past few years with the pandemic and related disruptions. West Hollywood came together to create a strong and resilient community like never before. It has been wonderful to witness.

As the mayor of the City of West Hollywood, I have made it my priority to bring forward policies that would strengthen and enhance the resiliency of our city so that we are more prepared for the next public health crisis, natural disaster, or safety threat.

The safety of our community is, and must continue to be, the City's number one priority.

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