Update on April 6 Council Meeting

For those of you who were unable to attend Monday night’s City Council meeting — or couldn’t stay up until midnight! — I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on at the City.

One of my first priorities as a City Councilmember is to protect West Hollywood’s neighborhoods.  Last night, I worked to protect West Hollywood’s Neighborhoods from the Eastside to West Hollywood West.  

Together with my colleagues, we:

-       Drew attention to the need for the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation to better communicate with residents on the Eastside about their plans for the properties they have acquired on Detroit Street and include the community in their decision making process.

-       Directed the developers of the Sunset/La Cienega Project to include West Hollywood North and WeHo Heights Neighborhood Associations in their community outreach programs.

-       Made sure neighborhoods won’t be adversely affected by the noise impacts of the Sunset Strip Half-Marathon the morning of Sunday, April 19th.

Together with my colleagues, we took several steps forward to protect and support the people of West Hollywood.

-       Mayor John D’Amico and I worked together to give an update to the City’s Residential Referral List, bringing them into the 21st Century and including the animal-friendly referral list Spike advocated for last February.

-       Councilmember John Duran and I worked together to sponsor a screening of Triangles Witnesses of the Holocaust, to support SB 252 (Leno), which will waive GED testing fees for homeless youth, and to start the process of making Harvey Milk Day an official City Holiday.

-       Councilmember Horvath and I worked together to empower the City Manager to ban official travel by City Employees to any State which might adopt legislation similar to Indiana’s  Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

But the big news last night was that the City started moving to take actions on two big ideas for the future of West Hollywood:

-       Staff will begin studying the creation of a separate Design Review Commission, taking the aesthetic judgment element away from the Planning Commission; and,

-       Staff will be proposing new ways to measure thresholds of significance for impacts to water resources for new developments requiring an Environmental Impact Report.

In addition to these fresh ideas, the City’s Boards and Commissions will have some fresh faces, starting this week.  Please join me in congratulating the following new commissioners and board members and welcoming them to the City family!

Arts and Cultural Affairs – Catherine Lee

Business License Commission – Michael King

Historic Preservation Commission – Cathy Blaivas

Human Services Commission – Patrick Shandrick

Planning Commission – Sheila Lightfoot

Public Facilities Commission – Victor Omelczenko

Public Safety Commission – Tory Berger

Rent Stabilization Commission – Stephanie Harker

Transportation Commission – William Doebler

Disabilities Advisory Board - Michael Wojtkielewicz 

Eastside Working Group – Steve Martin

Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board - Kate Eggert

Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board – Lucas John

Russian Advisory Board – Raisa Aguf

Senior Advisory Board – Joy Nuell

Transgender Advisory Board – Justine Gonzalez

Women’s Advisory Board – Kelly Alexander

A big thank you to all who expressed interest in serving the City.  Starting in May or June, Councilmembers will begin consideration of At-Large appointments, so if you are still interested, please visit WeHo.org to fill out an application!