Stonewall Young Democrats Back Meister for Council

Stonewall_YD_Meister.jpgStonewall Young Democrats, Los Angeles' leading club for organizing and motivating LGBTQA youth in the Democratic Party, have endorsed Lauren Meister for West Hollywood City Council.

The Club's official Twitter account made the announcement yesterday, stating:

We are proud to announce our support for , a dedicated activist for city council!

"Stonewall Young Democrats are the future.  They represent the future of activism and advocacy for LGBTQA rights and the Democratic Party. And knowing the members of Stonewall Young Democrats, there is hope for our future. Together we will protect those things we love most about West Hollywood," said Lauren Meister. "I'm glad they have put their confidence in me as the next West Hollywood City Councilmember."

Stonewall Young Democrats join other progressive LGBTQA Leaders in endorsing Lauren Meister, including West Hollywood Mayor John D'Amico, former Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, blogger and former West Hollywood LGAB member Lucas John and animal welfare advocate Ed Buck.