Social Services and Homeless Initiatives

  • Domestic Violence Advocacy and Education: Directed staff to advocate for additional protections for victims of domestic violence at the state and federal level, to use the City’s social media channels to educate the public on domestic violence issues, and to work with our contracted providers to evaluate the current level of services provided for domestic violence prevention and assistance and determine if additional resources are necessary to meet the community need. 
  • Financial Literacy: Directed staff to develop a program to increase financial literacy among older adults, specifically focusing on retirement planning and budgeting on a fixed income.  
  • Subsidized Recreation Programming for Low Income Households: Directed staff to evaluate creating a program for low-income households to participate in recreation programming in West Hollywood at a subsidized rate.    
  • Action Day on Food Insecurity: Directed staff to invite local agencies that provide meals to come together to introduce themselves to the community, get residents signed up for services, and brainstorm how to reach vulnerable, hard-to-reach residents – especially older adults.
  • Get Covered: In July 2018, the City’s Social Services Division presented the HIV Zero Initiative Year Two Midyear Evaluation Report to the City Council. According to the report, about 18 percent of 18-44-year-old men in West Hollywood still lack health insurance. In addition, the linkage to care among people who were recently diagnosed with HIV in West Hollywood decreased, and the number of people who have been retained in care also decreased. I initiated an item with Councilmember D'Amico directing staff to partner with Covered California and the City's social services agencies on targeted outreach to uninsured members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Assistance Programs for older adults facing housing affordability challenges: directed staff to evaluate the services currently available for older adults facing housing affordability challenges. The evaluation will include determining if there are any gaps in current services and recommendations to expand services where applicable.
  • West Hollywood Responds! Directed staff to provide resources to encourage the West Hollywood community to respond and donate to disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and future disasters.  
  • Free Menstrual Products at Public Facilities: Directed the Facilities & Field Services Division to develop a program to provide menstrual products free of charge in City facilities, including City Hall and parks. Special thanks to Women's Advisory Board members for their advocacy and support.
  • Job Training And Work Opportunities For Community Members Experiencing Homelessness: Directed staff to evaluate the job training services currently available and explore options for expanding opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness in West Hollywood.
  • Donation Meter: A parking meter donation program to increase community education and awareness of the City’s Homeless Initiative and to provide limited financial benefit efforts to address homelessness in West Hollywood.
  • WeHo Gives Back Campaign: Directed the Social Services Division to work with the Parking Services Division to ensure that 10% of the parking meter revenue collected during the week between Christmas and New Year is used to fund social services agencies serving the West Hollywood homeless community.
  • Focus on Homeless Issues: An item establishing guiding principles in the City’s response to homelessness and authorizing a City Council Homelessness Subcommittee. 
  • Homeless Needs Assessment Study: Directed staff to coordinate a homeless needs assessment study, which will provide community-based information on the needs, characteristics, and conditions facing the homeless population in West Hollywood. 


  • Healthy Living Tips During Covid-19: Directed staff to post weekly healthy living tips on the City’s social media channels during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The healthy living tips are intended to encourage community members to take small steps towards increasing overall health and well-being during this period.
  • Panel Discussion on Wellbeing in Time of COVID-19: A panel discussion focusing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and re-opening of the economy and society. 
  • Sponsorship of a Panel Discussion on Novel Coronavirus: Directed staff to organize a panel discussion about the COVID-19 health pandemic — what is known about the virus, the current response, and future outlook.