Quality of Life Issues

  • Residential and Commercial Vacancy Tax Feasibility Study: Directed staff to perform an analysis of residential and commercial vacancy taxes.
  • Online Programming: Directed staff to expand online events and experiences for community members during the COVID-19 emergency, including providing arts programming, symposiums, and other community events virtually when possible. Thank you, Councilmember Duran for co-sponsoring.
  • Additional Construction and Noise Mitigation Measures: Directed staff to develop and implement additional mitigation measures to address construction and landscape maintenance during Safer at Home orders. 
  • No Construction on Observed Holidays: Initiated an item to amend our Municipal Code to prohibit construction on days observed as holidays when the actual holiday falls on the weekend.
  • Parking Meter Grace Period: Item to increase the parking meter grace period to 10 minutes over the holidays. Council instead voted to increase the parking meter grace period to 5 minutes throughout the city all year round! 
  • Eastside Parkway Beautification Pilot Program: Directed staff to develop an Eastside parkway beautification pilot program that includes partnering with property owners to redevelop public parkways. 
  • "Next steps" regarding the City's Response to Homelessness: Directed staff to: 1) work with the Sheriff's Department to analyze interactions with homeless persons in 2017 to determine if additional steps can be taken to address top public safety issues; 2) evaluate whether we need to install signs along major corridors to ensure there is compliance with the City's prohibitions on loitering and lying on sidewalk; 3) support legislation that would expand the definition of gravely disabled to allow earlier intervention to address mental and physical health issues faced by some homeless community members; 4) work with supportive housing providers to determine if innovative housing solutions such as motel conversions are possible in West Hollywood or in partnership with other jurisdictions; 5) work with the City of Los Angeles to determine if funding from Measure HHH can be utilized by a Council of Governments (“COG”) to partner on affordable housing projects; 6) explore options for replacing the existing recycling center in the Pavilions parking lot; and, 7) meet with County Library officials to discuss posting signs about facility rules and to develop a protocol for enforcement.
  • Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning Program: Established a pilot program to expand sidewalk cleaning for the commercial areas of West Hollywood. 
  • Local Ordinance to Regulate Drones: Brought forward a local ordinance to regulate drones, unmanned aircraft and model aircraft for the safety and privacy of our residents.