Quality of Life Issues

  • Residential and Commercial Vacancy Tax Feasibility Study: directing staff to perform an analysis of residential and commercial vacancy taxes. As part of the analysis, staff will perform community outreach with relevant stakeholders and will enter into an Agreement for Services to perform a statistically significant community survey on the potential local ballot initiatives. Staff will return to City Council with the results of the analysis, polling data, and next steps for consideration to place the vacancy tax measures on the November 2022 ballot.
  • Online Programming - directed staff to expand online events and experiences for community members during the COVI9-19 emergency, including providing arts programming, symposiums, and other community events virtually when possible. Thank you, Councilmember Duran for co-sponsoring.
  • Additional Construction and Noise Mitigation Measures - directed staff to develop and implement additional mitigation measures to address construction and landscape maintenance during Safer at Home orders. 
  • No Construction on Observed Holidays: Initiated an item to amend our Municipal Code to prohibit construction on days observed as holidays when the actual holiday falls on the weekend.
  • Parking Meter Grace Period: item to increase the parking meter grace period to 10 minutes over the holidays. Council instead voted to increase the parking meter grace period to 5 minutes throughout the city all year round! 
  • Eastside Parkway Beautification Pilot Program: directing staff to develop an Eastside parkway beautification pilot program that includes partnering with property owners to redevelop public parkways. 
  • "Next steps" regarding the City's response to homelessness. This item directed staff 1) to work with the Sheriff's Department to analyze interactions with homeless persons in 2017 to determine if additional steps can be taken to address top public safety issues; 2) to evaluate whether we need to install signs along major corridors to ensure there is compliance with the City's prohibitions on loitering and lying on sidewalk; 3) to support legislation that would expand the definition of gravely disabled to allow earlier intervention to address mental and physical health issues faced by some homeless community members; 4) to work with supportive housing providers to determine if innovative housing solutions such as motel conversions are possible in West Hollywood or in partnership with other jurisdictions; 5) to work with the City of Los Angeles to determine if funding from Measure HHH can be utilized by a Council of Governments (“COG”) to partner on affordable housing projects; 6) to explore options for replacing the existing recycling center in the Pavilions parking lot; and, 7) to meet with County Library officials to discuss posting signs about facility rules and to develop a protocol for enforcement. Thanks to Mayor Heilman for co-sponsoring this item.
  • Sidewalk Cleaning Program: established a pilot program to expand sidewalk cleaning for the commercial areas of West Hollywood. 
  • Local Ordinance to Regulate Drones, unmanned aircraft and model aircraft, to protect the safety and welfare of those who live, work and play in the City of West Hollywood. Special thanks to our City Attorney’s office for preparing such a thorough report!