Public Safety Initiatives

  • Pandemic Preparedness: directs the Public Safety Department to include in the emergency plan update a section on pandemic and public health crises preparedness, including response from City, households, and businesses; directs the Facilities & Field Services Division to maintain necessary supplies on hand – such as gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc. – to stock City facilities and vulnerable community members in the case of another COVID-19 surge and/or for future public health crises; and, directs the Communications Department to utilize all appropriate communication tools to promote community preparedness including, but not limited to, the City’s website and social media tools.
  • Adding Security to Commercial Corridors: item directing staff to develop a budget to fund unarmed foot patrols to regularly walk along the City’s commercial corridors, as well as three to four additional security ambassador kiosks and associated staffing in the City of West Hollywood.
  • Safe Cannabis Use Public Education Campaign: directing staff to develop an education campaign in light of the recent approvals of various retail stores and lounges that sell recreational cannabis. The campaign will focus on safe adult use, and the safety of children and pets.
  • Reimagining Neighborhood Watch - directing staff to reimagine the City’s Neighborhood Watch program and explore alternative models that incorporate quality of life and neighborhood livability concerns. 
  • Measures to Increase Community Resilience - directing staff to take steps to increase its community resilience efforts internally and with the business community.
  • Proposal to Conduct a Report on Policing in West Hollywood - directed staff to hire an independent expert in policing to review best practices and provide recommendations to promote justice and equity in policing. 
  • Emergency Call Boxes: an item directing staff to develop a plan to install emergency call boxes at public locations throughout the City and to organize an emergency preparedness active shooter training for members of the public.
  • Solar Power Plus Battery Storage for Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness - directed staff to work with the Clean Power Alliance Power Ready Program to explore the feasibility of utilizing solar power and battery storage as critical load backup to support community facilities during emergency operations and report back on findings and next steps. 
  • Distribution of Informational Materials - directing staff to work with the Public Safety Commission to develop informational materials for Block by Block Security Ambassadors to distribute to community members when they witness infractions that could potentially warrant a citation, such as illegally parked cars, riding a scooter on the sidewalk or jaywalking.
  • Bollards initiative: directed staff to evaluate the installation of bollards at locations in West Hollywood with heavy pedestrian traffic in order to protect the public from vehicle traffic. 
  • Proposal to develop a Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program: the item directed staff to install and maintain automatic external defibrillators (AED) in City facilities and perform outreach to hotels and businesses to encourage their participation in the program.
  • Sheriff's Organizational Study: directed staff to study organization of Sheriff's department in Weho to include an assessment of customer services processes and deployment of Sheriff's deputies, Block by Block Security Ambassadors and volunteers.
  • Human Trafficking Community Training. This item directed staff to organize community trainings on human trafficking to educate City Commissioners, Advisory Board members, and members of the community on issues related to human trafficking and equip them with the tools to support and advocate for victims. 
  • Human Trafficking Noticing Requirements - directed staff to amend the Municipal Code to expand the human trafficking notice required under California Civil Code Section 52.6 to include multiple languages, in addition to English, Spanish, and Chinese as currently required by state law.
  • Dissemination of Public Safety Information: In response to concerns about how public safety information was being disseminated, Council approved an item to direct the Public Safety Department to work with the Sheriff’s Department, Neighborhood Watch groups and the Public Safety Commission to assess current and future strategies to better communicate public safety information to the public.
  • Sunrise Discussions:  in order to engage community members in West Hollywood in a conversation about public safety, I hosted a few informal meetings with West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station Captain at various coffee places around the city. We will be starting this again soon!

See Mayor Meister's message re: public safety from March 24, 2022: click here