Community Resilience

We have faced unprecedented challenges these past few years with the pandemic and related disruptions. West Hollywood came together to create a strong and resilient community like never before. It has been wonderful to witness.

As the mayor of the City of West Hollywood, I have made it my priority to bring forward policies that would strengthen and enhance the resiliency of our city so that we are more prepared for the next public health crisis, natural disaster, or safety threat.

The safety of our community is, and must continue to be, the City's number one priority.

During my time on Council, I have initiated a number of policies and programs to promote public safety and resilience in our city, such as:

  • Advocating to increase public safety personnel to address the safety concerns of our residents and businesses;
  • Developing a protocol for Pandemic and Public Health Crises Preparedness to be incorporated into the City's Emergency Operations Plan;
  • Stockpiling essential supplies, such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers, that can be distributed to our seniors and other vulnerable residents;
  • Expanding collaboration with the business community to ensure they can open and operate quickly after an emergency or disaster.

As we move forward, it is critical that community resilience be a goal of every decision we make, whether it is related to public safety, planning and land use, or economic development. 

I ask you to support my re-election so that, together, we can make West Hollywood the most prepared and resilient city in the country – for whatever challenges lay ahead.

You can learn more about my history with the City, as well as some of my accomplishments, on my website,

Together, we can build a safer West Hollywood, a more prepared West Hollywood, and a more resilient West Hollywood. 

Thank you for your consideration.


Mayor Lauren Meister