Public Safety

I love that West Hollywood has a great partnership with the LA County Sheriffs department.

As a former Public Safety Commissioner, I know we can do more to make our community safe. 

My solution:

We need to put more Sheriff patrols in our neighborhoods and strengthen our neighborhood watch program -- for example, alerting a neighborhood group when there’s criminal activity in their neighborhood. We must encourage reporting of all incidents/criminal activity -- even if perceived by Sheriff's deputies and/or victims as "not serious" -- so that our city's crime statistics are more accurate and our city leaders can make better-informed decisions regarding allocation of resources.

Whereas in years past, Sheriff deputies walked foot patrols through our local nightlife districts along Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards, they have been replaced by private "security ambassadors." Unfortunately, these security ambassadors are unable to fulfill all of law enforcement roles of a proper Sheriff deputy, and are therefore less of a deterrent to crime.  I support putting deputies back on the streets and believe that they are the best tool for promoting public safety that our City has.

Our streets are dark -- we need to put in better street lighting, both on commercial streets, especially at crosswalks, and in the residential neighborhoods. A safer city also includes greater emergency preparedness through CERT-certification (Community Emergency Response Team) and continued training, and more proactive code enforcement.

Public safety should be our city's top priority.

Thank you for reading and if you’d like to discuss further with me, let’s schedule a coffee!