It's great that West Hollywood is taking initiative on parking issues -- making it easier to pay with credit card meters and adding public parking garages.

However, parking shortages remain a big issue for both residents and businesses in West Hollywood.

My Solution:

My hope is that we can get all new developments to offer more than sufficient parking for their tenants, employees and visitors so that we can get commercial parking off our residential streets. We should not be waiving parking requirements (unless mandated by state law). 

We need to make a greater effort to build municipal parking garages throughout the city to support our local businesses, as has been done in cities like Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica.

We need to keep parking “bundled” -- whether a residential or commercial project -- so that all new projects are self-sustaining. On large commercial projects, we need to re-evaluate the use of triple tandem parking to satisfy parking requirements. On residential projects, we need to look at parking in terms of square footage rather than just the number of bedrooms.

We also need to reconsider extended hours for parking meters by area – as businesses and residents in some areas have been negatively impacted by extended parking meter hours.


Thank you for reading and if you’d like to discuss further with me, let’s schedule a coffee!