Our Animals

I love that West Hollywood is a pet-friendly city. 

My hope is that as a city we support meaningful legislation to protect animals from abuse. 

My Solution:Lauren_and_Spike_on_porch.png

I propose working with the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to put forth legislation creating a registry that would prevent convicted animal abusers from being able to adopt a pet from L.A. County shelters or rescue/adoption organizations. It is critical that we get "buy in" from the county, as the county is responsible for shelters, enforcement and the court system.

I've been following the work of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is supporting efforts to create state and county-level abuser registries across the country, and I believe that, with their help, this is something that we can accomplish not only here in West Hollywood, but in all of Los Angeles County.

And speaking of pet-friendly... the City offers a Residential Rental Referral List for rent stabilized units. How about a Pet-Friendly Residential Rental Referral List comprised of available units for people with pets?


Thank you for reading and if you’d like to discuss further with me, let’s schedule a coffee!