Not a Good Night for Public Safety

On Monday, June 27, 2022, there were two items on the West Hollywood City Council agenda that were voted on, both of which will impact our neighborhoods: one, the City's public safety budget and two, the City's position on California Senate Bill SB 930 (Extended Hours to Sell Alcohol). 

I need your help! Ever since being elected in 2015, I have strived to be the voice of reason on Council, and to represent you and the best interests of the city. Elections are around the corner -- November 8, 2022. Please donate, if you can, to my campaign.

Here's what went down on Monday...

The Budget

The City Manager's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year requested that one Sheriff's Entertainment Policing Team (EPT) position be reinstated. Three Sheriff's EPT positions had been cut during the pandemic as many businesses were closed.

I asked for all EPT positions to be restored.  However, Councilmember Horvath proposed, instead, to cut 5 deputies.  Two of my colleagues followed suit, saying that we could get 30 unarmed security ambassadors (Block by Block) for the same amount of money. Then, the City Manager basically admitted that we would be unable to get all 30 new security ambassadors anytime soon; and, in fact, they still hadn't filled existing open positions. One of my colleagues proposed that the cuts be done over six months.

I stated that I would not vote for a budget if Sheriff's deputies were being cut. While I am all for transparency, accountability, and improving the services provided to our community, such as increasing foot patrols, unarmed security ambassadors can only supplement, not replace, sworn police officers. My colleagues pushed for the cuts, so I voted no. I was one of only two "no" votes, with Councilmember Erickson joining me in opposition to a budget that cut sworn officers. 

California Senate Bill SB 930

This item asked for Council to support SB 930, which would allow the City of West Hollywood to permit bars to stay open until 4 am. Although the City would have discretion, I voted to oppose this bill.  

With residential neighborhoods located within a few feet of our commercial zones, nearby residents would surely be negatively impacted by extended hours, so I voted no on this item. I was one of only two votes to oppose this bill, with Mayor Pro Tem Shyne joining me.

Frankly, this makes no sense -- allowing bars to stay open later while simultaneously cutting the Sheriff's budget.

West Hollywood Council Elections are November 8, 2022. I need your support to get re-elected

This is a Call to Action!

As a neighborhood leader, a former public safety commissioner, and your council member and mayor, public safety has always been my number one concern. Now, I need your help more than ever to ensure that Public Safety is the City’s top priority.