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More than 100 donors support Lauren Meister for City Council

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA, Tuesday, July 8, 2014— West Hollywood City Council Candidate Lauren Meister raised $25,117 from 106 donors between February and June 2014, according to campaign finance reports filed with the City of West Hollywood. 

Meister’s fundraising total exceeds her total fundraising in each of her previous campaigns for City Council, and are unprecedented among non-incumbent West Hollywood City Council candidates with nine months remaining before the election.

“Thanks to the people of West Hollywood and the small businesses of West Hollywood who have showed me their support,” Meister said.  “As I have gone around West Hollywood listening to voters, they have shared my love for the City, and my hope for our future, and their support shows their confidence in me as a City Councilperson.”

Meister campaign advisor Scott Schmidt added, “Lauren’s efforts these past few months have given her a real head start, and her donors’ diversity and support show that she will be a Council person for all of West Hollywood—not just the special interests."

Of Meister’s 106 donors, 76 were residents of West Hollywood and nine were businesses or property owners in the City.

A former Public Safety and Planning Commissioner, Lauren Meister is a City Council candidate in the 2015 West Hollywood municipal elections.  To learn more about her campaign, please visit


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