Let's Work Together


Four years ago, I was proud to support John D'Amico in his campaign for West Hollywood City Council.  I was proud to serve him and the people of West Hollywood as his Planning Commissioner.  

Today, I am humbled to accept Mayor John D'Amico's endorsement in my campaign for West Hollywood City Council.

In a message to his supporters, Mayor D'Amico enthusiastically supported our vision for West Hollywood and my track record as a reliable partner:

"Lauren Meister belongs on the West Hollywood City Council. After many years of service to the community, Lauren Meister has earned her place on our Council dais. She was a terrific Planning Commissioner and Public Safety Commissioner and will be a reliable partner for us on the City Council. 

"West Hollywood needs Lauren Meister to help us make sure that our development appetite does not consume us. I have known Lauren for many years. Lauren and I continue to work together, side-by-side, to improve our City. It is her unwavering commitment to making West Hollywood a better and better place to live, work and play that makes her so qualified as a candidate. 

"There are many developer forces that are lining up to try to keep a strong voice like Lauren Meister off the City Council. These forces are afraid of the smart-thinking, neighborhood-protection that Lauren will bring, afraid that her voice will be too loud, and that her vision represents the community too well. 

"You and I both know differently: that Lauren Meister will be a reliable partner for us in matters of development, transparency and communicating with the community. That is why I am endorsing her."

Although both our names will be on your ballot March 3rd, I enthusiastically reciprocate.  John D'Amico has been a breath of fresh air on the City Council, and a ray of sunshine.  Unfortunately even sunshine can be cast in shadows.

Too often, John D'Amico is the lone voice for residents and reason on the West Hollywood City Council. 

John D'Amico needs reliable partners on the West Hollywood City Council, and I know we can work together.

So let's work together for the City we love.

Let's work together to make our hope for West Hollywood a reality.

Let's work together to give the citizens of West Hollywood confidence in their City Council once again.