Get Out The Vote! June 2 Is Today!

It’s our special day, West Hollywood!  If you have not voted yet, please get out to the polls by 8 PM!

Last night completed the sixth and final City Council meeting with only four members and we almost made it through three months without a dissenting vote!

Here is what we accomplished:

  • Water conservation innovation: Council adopted a policy prohibiting the use of potable water in construction mitigation.  In the future, developers won’t be able to use drinking water to control dust emissions.
  • Mass Transit: The Council adopted a resolution in support of ACA 4, which if adopted by voters will make it easier for local governments to invest in transportation infrastructure, like the proposed light rail line I am working on bringing to West Hollywood as your representative on the Westside Cities Council of Governments.
  • Parking Signage: We took action to make parking signage easier to read and see so it isn’t so difficult to know whether or not you can park in commercial districts.
  • Off-street parking: We took action to help put our off-street parking resources to their best and highest use.
  • Parking Credits: We moved to expand the Parking Credits program to Center City and to study ways to best manage the success of the program as an economic development tool.
  • Parking Requirements: We initiated the process of updating our parking requirements for new residential developments so it isn’t just based on the number of rooms.

Discussion and democracy are healthy, and I am glad we started the conversation about several other important issues last night.

My colleague, Councilmember John D’Amico and I believe that the cost of parking in West Hollywood is a social justice issue. We should not be designing our parking policies for people having $100 dinners, as one staff report suggested. Unfortunately, our colleagues disagreed when it came to reconsidering extended meter hours and looking at parking fines that fit the crime!

That is why elections matter and why it’s important that you remember to vote!