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Add your name to the growing list of West Hollywood residents, business owners, and stakeholders who support the re-election of Lauren Meister to West Hollywood City Council.

We are proud to announce that Lauren has been endorsed by the following public officials and organizations:

California Assemblymember Richard Bloom
California State Senator Ben Allen
California State Senator Henry Stern
LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang

West Hollywood City Councilmember John D'Amico 
West Basin District Director Scott Houston
Former Executive Director of Equality California Rick Zbur
Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS)
Firefighters Local 1014
Biz Fed PAC
Democrats for Israel - LA
Greater Los Angeles Realtors®
Israeli-American Civic Action Network (“ICAN”)
LA County Democrats for the Protection of Animals
National Women's Political Caucus - Los Angeles Westside
Southwest Carpenters Local 721
WeHOME Local 3339/AFSCME District Council 6
West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Democratic Club
WEHO PAC (Sponsored by West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce)


Who's endorsing

Franki Jacobs VAA Victim Advocates Association & AS1 Education COALITION
Ben Bruskin
Mark Farhad Yusupov
Patrick Blood
Brian Holt
Nancy Lizza
Chad Garnet Blouin
Keoni Tyler
Julie Summers
Mary Reardon
Raphael Chines
Kate Bartolo
George Credle
Dan Gailey
Mark Humble
Kenny Tashman Tashman Home Center
Heidi Rudolph
Tory Berger
Eva Kremer
Charles Anteby
Teryl Birkes
Yola Dore’
Bonni Moschetti
Ken Lautsch
John Luciano
Kimberly Winick
Pat Dixon
Slade Lin
Jeff Valenson
Lauren Simon

143 endorsements

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  • Franki Jacobs
    VAA Victim Advocates Association & AS1 Education COALITION endorsed 2022-11-07 17:40:18 -0800
    We have always been 300% behind LAUREN for WEHO City Council and rotating MAYOR as she has been the only one in thirty years that listens with consciousness, wisdom, and very eloquently she is there, she understands the hard conversations and she is brilliant in her decision making processes and very loyal to this city and what it represents. She has been 100% community serving and NOT self-serving or only inviting growth of others if they are her personal friends, she is ethical, spiritually receptive, and not a politician, she is a caring advocate for our city that has taken many very challenging issues to uplift shifts for out city. If anything I could say that was unfavorable about Lauren it would be she never seems to take time off for herself, and she deserves a beautiful holiday, her devotion to all ages is 300%. We have served in advocacy for disabled seniors, LGBTQI, and victims of violent crime including on non-profit boards.
  • Ben Bruskin
    endorsed 2022-11-05 19:08:41 -0700
  • Mark Farhad Yusupov
    endorsed 2022-11-04 17:18:36 -0700
  • Patrick Blood
    endorsed 2022-11-02 15:41:45 -0700
    I am proud to formally endorse Lauren Meister. She has earned my trust and vote after seeing her thoughtful approach on Council. She has been fully committed to the Disabilities Advisory Board and the members of the disabled community — having this support means the world. She has a solid head on her shoulders, the experience our city needs as we come through the pandemic, and the ability to be a leader that the community can trust. She has always promptly gotten back to me about concerns within the city and listens, cares, and will give thought into everyone’s opinion. Even on the few areas we may disagree, she is truly an open book to listen and learn; so even if I may not always agree with every single thing (not sure anyone can say they agree 100% with even the most ideologically aligned colleagues), it is a privilege and honor to have a councilmember like Lauren who I know will pay attention, grow, and be willing to hear differing voices. She has made herself always extremely accessible and when I voiced concerns recently at a Council meeting, she handwrote me a note in the mail. This is the level of compassion and attention our city needs and deserves.

    Lauren stands so strongly for public safety, including keeping our LASD — and while not everyone may not know the extent our incredible WeHo Sheriffs do, but I am grateful for their service and I echo Lauren’s sentiment that we should not have cut their budget. Our community feels unsafe and cuts to LASD are unwise; and while I appreciate so greatly that Block by Block exists, the reality is our City needs our Sheriff department. I hear time and time again from community members and people living with disabilities that the strong public support is for our LASD. Thank you Lauren for standing up to protect our community and decades long of service to our beautiful city.

    With pride, I happily endorse Lauren Meister for West Hollywood City Council.
  • Brian Holt
    endorsed 2022-11-02 07:03:49 -0700
    Experienced. Sane. Moderate. Someone who actually takes cares of her constituents’ needs. What’s not to love. If I could yell it from the rooftops I would: Lauren Meister has my endorsement.
  • Nancy Lizza
    endorsed 2022-10-30 20:40:30 -0700
    I endorse the reelection of Mayor Meister to WeHo City Council. Lauren Meister is a seasoned and reasoned legislator.
  • Chad Garnet Blouin
    endorsed 2022-10-30 16:23:26 -0700
  • Keoni Tyler
    endorsed 2022-10-30 14:09:49 -0700
    I admire the integrity and hard work Lauren has exhibited. It’s not always easy to do what’s right – especially when it can be unpopular or those with too much power try to squelch you. Lauren has even told me when she has disagreed with me – and that takes guts. I want to see Lauren re-elected, and strongly endorse her for West Hollywood residents. She always considers the little guy, too; and she takes valuable time to listen and write responses.
  • Julie Summers
    endorsed 2022-10-28 08:50:28 -0700
    I am endorsing Lauren because she cares about the City of West Hollywood. She has the leadership skills and qualifications to do the best job for the residents of the city.
  • Mary Reardon
    endorsed 2022-10-26 20:29:21 -0700
  • Raphael Chines
    endorsed 2022-10-26 11:09:23 -0700
  • Kate Bartolo
    endorsed 2022-10-22 10:26:19 -0700
  • George Credle
    endorsed 2022-10-21 15:23:35 -0700
    From the beginning you have had my support. You are a wonderful council member.
  • Dan Gailey
    endorsed 2022-10-12 22:26:58 -0700
    I am a proud Marine veteran. I received an e-mail from Keoni Tyler suggesting I should support you because you are a candidate with integrity. I do not live near your city, but appreciate good local leaders and am happy to help.
  • Mark Humble
    endorsed 2022-10-08 08:28:05 -0700
    Since the first day I met her, I trusted Lauren Meister to put the city and the community first every time.
  • Kenny Tashman
    Tashman Home Center endorsed 2022-10-07 10:03:57 -0700
    Vote for Lauren !
  • Heidi Rudolph
    endorsed 2022-10-05 14:23:35 -0700
    Weho Norma Triangle Homeowner here; 2 decades ++.

    Adore & appreciate Lauren in every respect! Her Voice, Vision and Solid Municipal leadership skills Are Exactly What Weho needs ! Had my vote in 2015 & again Next Month! Thanks Lauren. Heidi R.
  • Tory Berger
    endorsed 2022-09-30 14:07:05 -0700
    I fully and wholeheartedly endorse Lauren Meister. She has been supportive and outstanding to work with as her appointed public safety commissioner over the past 7 years. She has never required or even requested me to speak at a council meeting to vote for or support something. She has always allowed me freedom and has been very very into public safety since the beginning. When she first appointed me to be on the public safety commission I didn’t know her very well but through time I began to hear stories from residents of how she helped them. One of the first stories I remember was when she drove over in the middle of the night in her nightgown to help them rescue their trapped cat. She is just a very hard working real person that really cares. Her dad told me that maybe she was too honest and then we agreed that you can’t be too honest. I have always been proud to say that she appointed me.
  • Eva Kremer
    endorsed 2022-09-26 11:58:34 -0700
  • Charles Anteby
    endorsed 2022-09-26 11:07:55 -0700
    Lauren is sane, smart and knows how West Hollywood works, what’s good, what’s not, and I’m just about always with her on the issues.
  • Teryl Birkes
    endorsed via 2022-09-25 10:24:15 -0700
  • Yola Dore’
    endorsed 2022-09-24 13:12:59 -0700
    Lauren unequivocally represents the residents of WeHo. Her dedication and honesty are qualities we need on our City Council going forward. Don’t forget to vote Meister 4 WeHo!
  • Bonni Moschetti
    endorsed 2022-09-24 13:06:41 -0700
  • Ken Lautsch
    endorsed 2022-09-24 12:32:26 -0700
    Lauren is a human, honest and courageous leader.
  • John Luciano
    endorsed 2022-09-24 12:14:27 -0700
    As one half of the real estate group known as the WeHo Team, I proudly endorse Lauren for City Council. I’ve lived in West Hollywood since 1994 and believe Lauren knows how to lead our city. Tough on crime, fair on business and development , and with the right combination of common sense and compassion, Lauren is our best choice.
  • Kimberly Winick
    endorsed 2022-09-24 11:56:00 -0700
    I have lived in West Hollywood since 1985, and have owned and lived in my home in West Hollywood West since 1989. Lauren has been an active supporter of residents for more than two decades, and has helped protect and preserve our rights and interests. She has taken the time to really understand the City and its people, and has even earned a masters degree in public administration with a focus on public safety. I wholeheartedly and happily endorse Lauren for City Council!
  • Pat Dixon
    endorsed 2022-09-24 11:12:17 -0700
    to keep weho sane and safe i endorse lauren
  • Slade Lin
    endorsed 2022-09-22 11:13:45 -0700
    Lauren Meister has been an exemplary Councilmember – as a long time City resident, she has a perspective that rivals most of her opponents. She is thoughtful, level headed & highly responsive. She doesn’t have her “hand in the cookie jar” of Developers who rout out small businesses with their “land takeovers,” making Weho even more dense while lining their own pockets. She has a rational perspective on our increased crime; she understands that eliminating LASD positions in favor of unarmed “security ambassadors” who have little effect upon armed (be it guns, hatchets, scissors etc) is beyond stupidity. As a fairly liberal person my whole life, I draw a very hard line on this issue.
  • Jeff Valenson
    endorsed 2022-09-20 18:25:11 -0700
  • Lauren Simon
    endorsed 2022-09-20 13:00:22 -0700