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Sheila Kadisha
Victim Advocates Association Victim Advocates Association
Mark Anderson
Ben Coleman
Edward Garren
Marco Colantonio
Philippe Mora
Josh Fong
Brad Wald
Cynthia Blatt
Wade Young
Ty Geltmaker, Ph.D.
Stonewall Young Democrats, Committee #1265977 SYD
Catherine Hahn
Michael Levine
Scott Bergman
Arleen Weinstock
Ed Buck
Cyrus Godfrey
Sam Borelli
Shannon Payne
Kimberly Winick
William Doebler
Brian Green Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - los Angeles
Woody McBreairty
Michael S. Poles

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  • Sheila Kadisha
    endorsed 2019-01-30 14:48:50 -0800
  • Victim Advocates Association
    @OmOrganicMedia tweeted link to this page. 2019-01-09 02:19:21 -0800
  • Victim Advocates Association
    Victim Advocates Association endorsed 2019-01-09 02:19:12 -0800
  • Mark Anderson
    endorsed 2015-03-02 20:35:52 -0800
  • Ben Coleman
    endorsed 2015-03-01 19:00:38 -0800
  • Edward Garren
    endorsed 2015-02-28 21:03:43 -0800
    In the sewage of West Hollywood Politics, Lauren has always been a shining light of integrity and community activism. I no longer live in West Hollywood, but if I did, I would vote for Lauren, John D’Amico and anyone but John Heilman or Lindsay Horvath.
  • Marco Colantonio
    endorsed 2015-02-27 19:30:34 -0800
    I enthusiastically endorse Lauren Meister for West Hollywood City Council. Lauren is qualified, dedicated and has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving our community with a definitive passion for maintaining and improving the qualities that make this the urban village we love.
  • Philippe Mora
    endorsed 2015-02-27 17:08:20 -0800
    In my view Lauren Meister represents integrity and the interests of the community.
  • Josh Fong
    endorsed 2015-02-25 18:17:55 -0800
    Parking plan is great. Skepticism of developers a plus.
  • Brad Wald
    endorsed 2015-02-21 09:34:28 -0800
    Sherif, Alexa, Sasha and I support Lauren!!!!! Lauren is the best person for the job!!!
  • Cynthia Blatt
    endorsed 2015-02-11 21:37:10 -0800
  • Wade Young
    endorsed 2015-02-10 08:41:09 -0800
    I like the website and Meister’s stance on the issues that affect residents of our city, particularly her stance on public safety (foot patrols in the residential areas affected by nightlife), historic preservation, addressing traffic and parking issues. As a gay man in West Hollywood, I empathize with our Russian neighbors and feel they have been neglected by our Council – an empathy she seems to share. I have never met her in person but, after reviewing all candidates, I find her positions on issues most like minded to my own.
  • Ty Geltmaker, Ph.D.
    endorsed 2015-02-09 02:28:56 -0800
    My partner James Rosen and I are endorsing/voting for Meister, Horvath, D’Amico.
  • Stonewall Young Democrats, Committee #1265977
    SYD endorsed 2015-02-08 21:41:14 -0800
    Stonewall Young Democrats is proud to endorse Lauren Meister!
  • Catherine Hahn
    endorsed 2015-02-05 21:56:24 -0800
  • Michael Levine
    endorsed 2015-02-02 17:04:51 -0800
    A fresh breathe of ETHICAL air! Lauren is a gem.
  • Scott Bergman
    endorsed 2015-02-02 11:53:53 -0800
  • Arleen Weinstock
    endorsed 2015-02-02 10:57:17 -0800
  • Ed Buck
    endorsed 2015-02-01 20:41:54 -0800
    If my dog could vote….it’s Meister
  • Marco Colantonio
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-30 18:14:49 -0800
    I'm endorsing Lauren Meister. Please join me!
  • Cyrus Godfrey
    endorsed 2015-01-29 13:11:42 -0800
  • Sam Borelli
    endorsed 2015-01-26 15:58:41 -0800
  • @ShannonEPayne tweeted link to this page. 2015-01-26 15:52:05 -0800
    I'm endorsing Lauren Meister. Please join me! http://laurenmeister.nationbuilder.com/endorse?recruiter_id=1710
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-26 15:52:05 -0800
    I'm endorsing Lauren Meister. Please join me!
  • Shannon Payne
    endorsed 2015-01-26 15:51:03 -0800
  • Kimberly Winick
    endorsed 2015-01-26 13:06:59 -0800
    Lauren has the experience, integrity, and values that our City Council needs to truly serve the community. She really will help to preserve our sunshine, literally and figuratively. I urge everyone who doesn’t want WeHo to emulate the Wilshire corridor to vote for Lauren.
  • William Doebler
    endorsed 2015-01-22 13:18:06 -0800
  • Brian Green
    Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - los Angeles endorsed 2015-01-21 17:09:54 -0800
    At last someone who cares about the community’s quality of life, not just increasing the tax base through elitist “development”.
  • Woody McBreairty
    endorsed 2015-01-21 16:54:47 -0800
    Lauren Meister is my first choice on March 3 for the new City Council
  • Michael S. Poles
    endorsed 2015-01-21 16:09:19 -0800
    I have known Lauren Meister for many years and I know she has the right integrity and ability to represent the interests of all citizens from the West Side to the East Side.